I spent last week in northern Michigan. Members of my family, always liking a challenge, bought an old schoolhouse in Lake Ann Michigan.  Built in the 1880’s, it is showing “some” age.  But we are all convinced it can become the perfect place for summer gatherings.

It’s just waiting for some tender loving care.

It was a great week of seeing family that lives in the Traverse City area.  Cousins are the best!  My cousin Kim and her husband Matthew, gave a concert for us one night in the old schoolhouse.

They said the acoustics were good and I think the schoolhouse stood a little prouder for having music ring in its rooms once again.

My niece and I took a rainy day to shop in Sutton Bay.  It is a quaint little town with perfect shops.  Dodging raindrops?  One does what one must do!

That night, back at the schoolhouse, my nephew Jack, called us all to come see the rainbow.  It slowly turned to rainbows.  A full double rainbow, amazing in its deepening colors and the length of time it lingered.

Another night my nieces and I, left the rest enjoying a fire and drove to Esch Road beach for the sunset.

It was beautiful.

Another day my niece and I took my great niece and nephew shopping.  ” Take us shopping”, they said.  “It’ll be fun”, they said.  So we did.  And it was, very fun.

Love these kids who love shopping at the local bookstore.

With my last day approaching, I wanted to drive up to Northport.  It was where my Dad was born, the baby in a family of six children.  So we drove familiar roads, took in the farmers market, strolled around the Northport marina.  It was a good day.  My Dad would be thrilled to know we visited his happy place.

All of it left me feeling

It was a feast for the eyes and the soul.

Left on the “to-do” list?  I wanting to go to Christmas Cove beach in Northport…see more of Sleeping Bear Dunes, ( now that I have my life time pass) and see the Northern lights.

Next time @ Pure Michigan, next time.