It seemed as though spring would never come.  Perhaps it always feels that way but the waiting seemed unending.  Then BOOM, summer!  I think we had spring for thirty-six hours.  

The last few days have taken us deep into summer.  It’s been hot, humid and hotter.  The plants have been wilting faster than I can water them.  And the familiar soundtrack of summer is the humming of AC’s in a white noise drone of unison.

The kids have been at a computer camp and they usually make them break and go outside to play but it has been so hot they’ve kept them inside, playing board games for a brain break.  Apples To Apples anyone.

I’ve been living the life… in the van, carting kids to camp and back.  It is an hour trip there and back in the morning.  Almost an hour at 3:30 to pick up the oldest for soccer practice and one more hour plus to go fetch the two youngest.  The final run today was done as lines of heavy storms rolled through.  Dull, leaden skies turned black as night.  Lightening marked the sky and the heavy air gave way to thundering downpours.  It was white knuckle driving, with water quickly pooling on traffic snarled roads. On the way home the flashes of lightening were met with a duet of ” I’m scared” from the back seat.  Happy we all were to finally drive into the garage.

Later, after overly-tired kids were safely tucked in bed and soundly kissed( oh yes, I’m on my last night of a several day 24/7 stink with the kids), I left them to the questionable care of the fourteen- year-old, armed with a cell phone.  I needed to run home to check on my kitten.  

The storms had passed and the sky was a indescribable blend of dark and white clouds  bathed in a golden shine and backed by the coral tones of the setting sun shining on clouds. For a moment I was awestruck, silent in the face of such beauty.  The day fell away and what remained was just a bit of magic.