After 20 years of being my constant companion…through tears, laughter and road trips, I had to say goodbye to this guy. Camden.

It was awful.  My house echoed with the emptiness.  It was so hard to come home to silence.  So five months later I adopted a rescue kitten. 

Meet Monty.

He was 2.8 pounds of pure loving.  He really picked me and I am his person.

He’s gone from this to this.

He is full of kittenish antics.  I’d forgotten that kittenish stage.

If the door is open he waits for mailman.  And kudos to him as he rubs his finger across the screen to play with Monty.

And some days he gets mail!

He’s not always very helpful…

But sometimes he stops helping for a nap , if he can stay close .

He stalks me, jumping out to pounce.

But inside or outside…

My favorite time is any time he decides to cuddle.

Welcome Monty.  Thanks for filling my house.

Clearly he’s made himself at home!