Fall is a weird time for me.  On the one hand I drive into my townhouse area and the trees on either side of the road, parade in stunning gold and red colors.  Beautiful.  On the other hand, the last two fall seasons brought the death of both my parents and those memories color my world a bit drab.

It  gets darker way too early.  This, even before the time change.  I come home in the dark, and yes, it is only a five minute drive, still I’m ready for pjs and bed…by 6:30pm.  But there is a cozyness this darkness.  Cuddling with my elderly cat under a down throw…feels good to both our old bones.  It is the season that makes you want to try out those new soup recipes and crockpot specials.

The crisp coolness of the mornings, often gives way to a “party dress blue” color to the skies by afternoon.  I sleep with my window cracker open to enjoy the cold air of the nights, perfectly content, bundled up in blankets.  My winter clothes, dragged out of hiding, seem new and interesting to wear.  Except for the ones that cause me to wonder, “what possessed me to buy that“?

I think every day I should take advantage of this weather and take a walk outside in the prairie preserve.  But I have a job…that involves switching clothes times three and being more hands on with homework than I ever desired.

But I do dread the unrelenting darkness and cold the approaching winter.  Times to switch the air vents and the furnace.  Time to turn on the whole house humidifier.  Should I clean the garage one more time before it becomes like an extra refrigerator out there?  Time to remove the patio furniture from outdoors and bundle up the grill for the winter.

Time to enjoy the multitude of Christmas catalogs that will soon fill my mailbox.  Time to inventory my stash of gifts already bought but by now, forgotten.

Time to remember my parents anniversary and my Mom’s birthday.  Time to remember, to reflect.