Today is the first anniversary of my Dad’s death.  The words aren’t coming very easily so I thought I’d just post pictures.

It’s hard to find many pictures of my Dad alone…it was usually he and my Mom together.

They were always ready to ham it up for the camera.  This might be one of my favorites.
These are from one of our Upper Crooked Lake vacations.  Coloring with his great granddaughter, riding the pontoon and playing Captain in a hat bought for photo opportunities like this.

I guess we’re all pretty good at hamming it up for the camera.  Here’s proof…

He loved his kids, grandkids and great grandkids.  He learned to take pleasure in the little things after my Mom died.

We went back the summer after my Mom died.  We didn’t know that my Dad, after 15 months on hospice, would die three weeks after that vacation.  What wonderful memories we made…

What a legacy of love.  Miss you Dad.