Friday.  Friday. FRIDAY. Some weeks you really need a Friday, and the weekend that follows.  It was a long week.

In their defense, the kids are so ready to be done with school.  The weather has been less than helpful.  Rainy and cold.  Repeat and repeat again.  They finally made a break for the back yard regardless of chilly temps and mud puddles under every swing, slide and monkey bars.  I *might* have locked the door behind them.

There are soccer tournaments on the weekends and soccer games during the week.  End of year shows for the fifth grader who is moving to middle school next year.  (She begged me to come…and I did even though it was my morning off.)  Coming up we have a dance recital, piano recitals, guitar recitals and did I mention a volleyball tournament out-of-town?   Stick a fork in me…I am done!

Add to that some screaming from one of the kids who is still working (not hard enough) on controlling her emotions.  That is like waving a red flag in me, Taurus the bull.  Don’t scream or yell at me.  Go upstairs, slam doors, whatever, just don’t scream at me.

I’ve begun packing for the opening of the lake house.  Packing clothes to leave up there.  New pool floats, games, books for summer reading and household things like lamps.  Then this morning the 8-year-old came down with shorts that didn’t fit.  I sent her up to get another pair.  They also didn’t fit.  She has suddenly gone form a slim size to a regular.  I wanted to cry.  Everyone has outgrown their shoes, soccer and crocs and gym shoes.  The teenager had “nothing to wear”. She really didn’t so we sat and ordered online.  A trip to Dicks was needed because everyone needed a larger tennis racket.  Don’t even get me started on buying new socks for everyone.

What I really want to do is finish setting up my patio and sit out side in some nice weather and just be.  But before that happens I need to wash my fence.  (Apparently the condo fairies don’t do that)  In order to do that I need to clean the winter detritus from my garage.  The hose is inside my garage…somewhere…I’m sure I’ll find it.  And so it goes.

But it is the weekend and I am off duty for the whole weekend.  Even better the temps are supposed to continue to warm.  I’m really hoping for that.

Happy Spring??