Today is my birthday.  I’m 61 years old.  I have reached the point where I need to stop and think, “am I 60 or 61?”  The last few years I’ve done a list of things I’ve learned, in honor of my birthday.  After I’m done , I’ll check back and see if I am repeating myself.


…no matter when spring finally arrives, it always seems like it is late in arriving.

…while rain is completely cozy when you are laying in bed or cuddled up with a cat, endless days of rain during the day tend to make most people crabby.  It makes kids crazy.

…the first few days of sitting out on the patio in warm weather are unmatched the rest of the summer.

…why each year, do budding trees pop overnight?

…no matter how old you get to be, the first year there isn’t a  birthday call from either of your parents is so utterly sad.

…even when you get to be 60 (wait, it’s 61) there is a part of you that wishes you could still get balloons and a surprise party.

…we’ve been led to believe a perfect pair of shoes can change your life.  Wrong.  But it can make your life infinitely more enjoyable.

…I keep looking for the one outfit that will make me look like I want to look.  My closet says it isn’t happening.  I’ll probably keep trying.

…my favorite recent Pinterest quote, “Pinterest is just electronic hording.”

…I am ‘old’ enough to know that what one wants is quality friends, not quantity of friends.  I’m doing okay.

…I have hidden many family members and a few friends from my FB feed until after the election is over.  Has anyone’s mind been changed by a FB posting?  I think not.

…I am already sooooooooo tired of this election.

…laundry is never completely done.

…dusting lasts for about 2 actual minutes.

…cooking for one really isn’t that fun or interesting.

…as I’ve repeatedly told the kids I take care of…if you love to read you’ll never be bored or lonely.

…my desire to exercise is trumped by my desire to sit quietly and hold my sleeping elderly cat.

…I am a CNN junkie.  I also could binge watch Madame Secretary.  Other than that I don’t watch a lot of TV.

…I have a love/hate relationship with weather reports.  I check them constantly but they are rarely right.  I’m trying to do a 12-step program to stop the constant addictive checking.

…Trader Joes has the best quality greeting cards for 99 cents.  Go check them out.  If you don’t live by a TJ.s, I’m sorry for so many reasons.

…I have the cutest great-nephews and great-niece  They visited recently and I think they are so cool.

…after said children have visited, make sure you check you clock radio/CD player to make sure little fingers haven’t pushed indiscriminate buttons  (alarm) that happens to be set for 4:35 (am), loudly.

…the second night this happens I learned not to just turn off the music but to turn off the alarm, so it doesn’t just keep happening.

…it is hard to think clearly when you stumble downstairs, where you were soundly asleep, to turn off the LOUD music.

…sometimes there is too little laughter in my life.  By the next morning the above incident brought lots of laughter to my life.

…if anyone is still reading this, you must be loyal readers.  I like that about you.

…I’ll probably be back next year with another list.