I was prepared.  While traveling in December I left home with out my kindle.  I had my iPad and the kindle app but it is harder to hold and iPad and impossible to read in bright sunshine.  So this time my kindle was loaded, charged and placed in my carry on.  I also checked numerous times to make sure it hadn’t disappeared from my carry on.

So I arrived at the airport feeling more than ready for vacation.  After checking in I was told to showing my boarding pass and drivers license when dropping off my checked luggage.  As I waited in that line I reached in my purse for the license.  Not finding it, I checked agin.  And again, closer, emptying my purse but. Still not finding the license.  I got to the airline official and explained my predicament.  There may have been a sight sound of panic in my voic as I also tried to problem solve how to deal with this.  The airport official told me to get in the security line and talk to TSA.  She thought I’d still get through, after talking to them.  In the line I came across a nice TSA official.  I explained, again.  I told him I had my health insurance car, my proof of car insurance, my AAAcard, a couple credit cards, some department store cards and even my Botanic Garden membership card.  He said, ” it sounds like you are almost completely prepared for vacation.  Go talk to the next TSA guy.,  I deserved that comment!  Th next person called for back up and told me to ” wait over there”.  Mean while I’m still thinking…send my friend on ahead?  Take a taxi home, get the license and hope to get another, later flight.

Then came a very nice TSA woman.  She listened and asked to see what i.d. I had.  She laughed with me…asked lots of questions and told me I looked like a North Shore girl.  I told her, ” thank you very much.!  She asked for anything with a photo i.d.  She coached me, ” a Costco card, library card, prescription med bottle with my name and address”.   Nothing.  When I pulled out my Botanic Garden membership card, she looked at me, laughed and said, ” you brought your botanic garden membership card but not your drivers license”?  I deserved that too.  She finally let me go through with a very through pat down and a complete search of my carry on.  (Yes, my kindle was still there.)

Sitting at my departure gate, I allowed myself my first deep breath.  Then I thought, really with Brussels so recently in all the ewes, they were letting me fly with no picture i.d.?  I felt very lucky.  Ahh… vacation.  End of story, right?  Not quite.

I had realized the car rental I booked in my name, would have to be transferred to my friend, who would also have to do all the driving.  As we got to the rental car counter I explained, yet again.  The women looked at the reservation and remarked that I’d pre paid on Priceline and they couldn’t change the reservation…or just add a driver.  And by the way, the car we reserved was the last car they had available and they couldn’t give it to us.  Really? Really?  They suggested a call directly to Priceline.  After explaining, yep, again, they went to talk to the supervisor.  Given my circumstances they would cancel my reservation less a small fee but couldn’t remake the reservation in my friends name.

We went to a different rental car u tier only to be told they had no cars and neither did the next two rental companies.  PANIC.   I had visions of spending my vacation in the airport.  (It is a 30 mile driv to our lovely vacation condo). It was a nice airport but certainly not a vacation destination.

We continued down the row of rental company counters and bit at the first one that had an available car.  Paying twice as much as our original car?  No problem.  Vacation saved from utter ruin…priceless.

Thank goodness I’m not a drinking woman.  It did require chocolate.  Once again, chocolate solves everything.

Lessons have been learned.  And now back to chilaxing.  Ahh..vacation.