My employers are off on Thursday for the kids spring break and  Not only that, I am actually combining a staycation and a trip vacation.  This is going to be one long week as I count the minutes.  Kind of like the last half hour of work seeming endlessly long, or the last hour of a long road trip…

I have a few days here at home…to clean and organize I tell myself.  To make doctors appointments and have the handyman come and do “handy” things.   To pack at my leisure , making sure I have my kindle (forgotten at Christmastime).  To whittle my to-do list down to… done.  That is my plan.

In actuality it will probably look more like, stay up late, sleep in, nap with the cat and repeat.  I can dream can’t I?

And then a friend of mine and I are off to Austin Texas.  We have rented a condo on a bluff overlooking Lake Travis.  We stayed there once before some six years ago.  The resort has several pool, hiking trails, a restaurant, exercise room (HA! I can dream can’t I?).  This condo has a huge patio with never ending views.  Right now it is looking like temps in the low 80’s.  (I kind of giggled when I typed that.)

It’s been a while.  A long while, since I’ve taken a vacation that isn’t related to work or family.  And there has been nothing wrong with either of those vacations.  But I find it a strange feeling to plan a vacation without wondering if my parents will take a turn for the worse or whether I’ll need to fly home suddenly.  There is a different mindset, a different sense about traveling now days.  I think this is true for my whole family.  We aren’t waiting for the phone to ring.  It is a good feeling even in the midst of wanting to pick up the phone and tell them about my plans.  That is the good/bad, happy/sad overlay to life now.

So here I go, last four days of work.  I think I can, I think I can.  And then?  Vacation here I come.