In the heat of presidential elections cycles, I’ve always been the one who has said, fatalistically, whoever wins, the world will go on spinning.  And now with the specter of Donald Trump for President I have no confidence that the world would go on spinning in any manner that we would recognize.

On Friday Trump was to hold a rally on the UIC campus.  It is possibly one of the most diverse places in Chicago.  It was a recipe for just what happened.  The news media, of course, blew this out of proportion.  There were no riots but rather skirmishes, yelling, shoving and taunting.  When the rally was cancelled, by Trumps decision NOT the Chicago Police Department or the campus police, although Trump has lied and said they told him it would be better to cancel. When it was cancelled and the police told people to exit the venue, there a mostly peaceful protest continued.  There were five arrests, and three people hurt.

Trump says his right to free speech was violated.  Maybe,  but I would turn a critical eye on that given it was his decision to cancel.  I would argue for all those who have gone to Trump rallies to silently protest by way of their clothing or signs.  Where were their rights to free speech? They have been manhandled, sucker punched and mocked as they were escorted out. No, not all were silent and yes, the mood gets uglier by the day. But it seems to me Trump has invited, yes, encouraged this pack mentality with his inflammatory language, his sarcastic sound bites and preschool-like taunting.

Trump has stated he’ll start acting “Presidential” once he is the President.  Hum, so even he recognizes his boorish behavior is not that of a president or a statesman.  But why wait?

Who are these people who support and applaud Trump.  They say he’ll make America great again…what are they seeing that I am not?  Trump has spent his career yelling, “you’re fired”.  What happens when he has a Congress that he can’t fire?  (Not that I have any great love for either side of the aisle there right now.)  How has he demonstrated his ability to work with others who have a different opinion, who look different.  Do people really think the multitude of serious problems facing the US will be solved by a wall and the expulsion of Muslims?  Solved by that?  Oh dear God, forgive us, for we know not what we do.

I saw a sound bite from Rubio last night (and for the record I don’t know how I’ll vote…good options seem nonexistent ).  He was asked if Trump is the nominee will he support him.  His distress was real, as he said sadly, “I don’t know…right now I guess I would but that gets harder every day.”  Wow, just wow.

These are dark days. Scary days.  What is happening to us.  Oh, dear God…