At work, we are in full holiday mode.  The tree is up, the presents are bought and mostly wrapped.  Good thing because I celebrate Christmas with them tomorrow.  They do it early because they leave in two weeks for St. Maarten.  It does condense a busy time of year to the almost frantic.

-four trips to Target in five days.  Because…just because.

-three trips to the post office, same time frame.

-three trips to school at lunch hour with one child’s inhaler

-three trips to Walgreen’s to pick up prescriptions

-one trip to get an estimate on damage to the van, which I was driving when the “damage” happened.

-one ortho appointment completely missed, even though it was on the calendar

-one drop off and pick up to enrichment class for five-year-old

-one pick up from basketball for the thirteen old

-one drop off and pick up from tennis for the eleven year old

-one pick up from birthday party

-one pick up from ballet

-two online orders of fleeces for the two oldest when their sleeves are suddenly up to their elbows

-numerous loads of laundry…always

-three nights staying late and putting kids to bed

Actually a pretty normal week.  But it’s good to remember why I am tired when I get home at night.

Next week is shaping up to be as frantic…no more.  Several birthday parties, ( oops still need to get gifts for those), a choir concert, ortho appointment, 24/7 weekend with the kids while parents are gone, guitar recitals x 2, piano recitals x 2, and packing for the trip.

My response?  Nap time!!