I did this a few years ago and I think it is worth doing again just weeks shy of my 60th birthday.

*****What ever I expected 60 to feel like, this isn’t it.  Age ceases to mean much once you are an adult and have received all the rights and privileges that go along with age.  You are no longer waiting to be old enough to drive or drink or vote.  You are as young or as old as you feel.  That can change from day-to-day, if not minute to minute.

*****I’ve lived through almost twelve presidential election cycles.  They have only gotten nastier.  I sigh huge sighs and daily decide how many friends or relatives I should “unfriend on Facebook” until it is over.  No matter how many times either side has said, (think chicken little) if_______gets to be president, the world will end.  Our civil liberties will be taken away, so on and so on and SO ON…it hasn’t happened.  The world goes on spinning no matter which party is in power messing things up.

*****Family means a lot.  Extended and immediate.  No matter how much you disagree on a host of things (religion, politics, global warming) they are still your tribe.  They hold the same childhood memories that take you back to a simpler time.  They will pray for you, try to nudge you to join the NRA, say the craziest things in the name of their political or religious point of view.  But when your Mom dies or you Dad is sick they love you line no one else can.  They whisper memories and telling achingly funny stories that are family lore.  They help dry your tears.

*****Each year I forget how renewing the spring is.  I forget how beautiful that spring tree is.  How do I not remember how it seems like spring arrives overnight…just when you’ve given up.  Each year, the spring blue sky, the greening grass and the forsythia bushes are so brilliantly beautiful it makes the cold winter fade away.

*****Birds sleep later in the suburbs that they do in the city.  I know it surprised me too.  At my old house they would start “tweeting” around 3-4am.  Here in the ‘burbs they start their song at the much more reasonable hour of 6am.  At 6am the sound of birds is enjoyable. At 3 am…not so much.

*****The middle of the night, when you can’t sleep is a good time to…blog, do laundry, take a shower and endlessly check FB.  I know that because I have done all of those tonight.  (I mean this morning)

*****Whatever people say is bad for you to eat today will eventually better for you then what you substituted for the evil____(fill in the blank).  It is hard to keep up with all of it.  So mostly I try to ignore it until I am proved right, that chocolate IS good for you.  (And by the way, it is only a matter of time until milk chocolate is as good for you as dark chocolate…I promise)

*****Few things make me happier than…my great-niece and great-nephews.  They are such cool kids.  A nap with a cat snuggled in my lap, one paw resting possessively on my chest.  Chocolate…in almost any form.   A good book to read in the luxury of vacation day or on my patio after a  hard day at work.

*****I love junky magazines.  No better way to escape and numb the mind.  Some days call for it.  The Kardashians are the exception to the rule.  I could live without ever reading another story about them and their scary lives.  But the rest…pictures of glamorous gowns, stars with their kids, and stars recipes (right, like they cook) are wonderful time wasters.

*****If chocolate, naps and junky magazines are the worst of my vices I’m doing okay.

*****Some packing boxes are probably destined to never be unpacked.  They should be given to Goodwill without a peek.  If only I were that brave.

*****I got a new vacuum.  It picks up dirt, dust and cat hair in a horrifying amount every time I run the vacuum. I am trying to tell myself it is only because it’s the first time I have a bag less vacuum.  They was always the amount of disgusting stuff in my house I just couldn’t see it after it was sucked into the vacuum bag.

*****To be continued…