My house I mean. The boxes are slowly dwindling and bit by bit I am rearranging cupboards and drawers to what makes sense as I live here.

Yesterday I had my first non-family company over for Sunday lunch. But it was good friends and they said I was still exempt from worrying about the state my house (or the state of the union for that matter).

I made comfort food and had the fireplace going as light snow fell outside.

Even the cat thought it was purr…fectly cozy.

I had also asked my friend if he would help hang some things on my walls. He is meticulous and did a great job.

My antique map of Michigan hung above the phone desk my Dad made for their house and now it’s mine.

I wanted a whole wall of floating shelves to display photos. Having shelves makes it easy to switch them out or around. Then I found one box of photos to give you an idea of how it will look.

Mirror hung above my living room couch.

A favorite print hung by the small couch in front of the fireplace.

The table was set…

And this is the view from my living room.

Funny the difference a few things on the walls can make. We ran out of time before we ran out of things to hang. He says he’ll do more. I ask, “when”?

And so it goes…