My niece and I are in St. Maarten. We flew in on the 27th to join my employers and help with the kids. It is work…but work spent watching the kids frolic in the pool and driving to the Carousel, the local favorite place for gelato. ( Today it received the nickname of “gelava” from the four year old based on an earlier conversation. I kind of like gelava better)

So we don’t complain if it rains a bit (hey it isn’t snow) or if the kids bicker ( I’d rather hear them bicker here than in the cold mid-west)

But today, as we were eating lunch, inside because, ahem, it is just too hot to eat outside, we glanced up to see a creature swaying along the pool deck heading right for where we would have been sitting. (If we did not need a break from the hot sun). It was an iguana. A large iguana. Ugly, scaly and BIG. It had to be three, three and a half feet long from the tip of it’s creepy nose to it’s sharp pointed tail. We all exclaimed and the four year old got out of her seat to get a better view. At that it scurried away, scaling the wall to the neighbors, leaving it’s tail hanging over on our side. My niece went out for a better photo op and got it really riled up. I’m not embarrassed to say, I stayed inside. Ack!

I must say it has put me on edge. When I later went to lay on one of the cushioned lounge beds, it was hard to relax. (The comfy chairs are right by the wall where he disappeared.). Every rustle of the palm fronds made me fear he was coming back. I couldn’t even relax enough to nap. I need to keep one eye open so as to make a speedy exit if he so much as stuck one beady eye back over the wall. It was a breezy afternoon. Lots of rustling. No napping.

I know, poor me, huh?