This week was full. Really, really full. The kids arrived back in town on Sunday and started school on Tuesday. I do this litany of the week every so often. It is more for myself than you, my faithful readers, so you decide. To read or not to read…

Monday: Took the eldest to a orthodontist appointment. Went to buy her new gym shoes (and was shocked at the size of her still-growing feet),drove through torrential rain, went to another store to buy new soccer shoes. Went home and tried to unpack some suitcases. Did a Costco run, and joined in a soccer car pool meet and greet…with ice cream.

Tuesday: Helped get kids off to school…the first two during a torrential downpour. Took next child to bus stop and finally (15 minutes late) waved the bus good-bye. Went to run errands and took one child’s EPI pen to school nurse. Found out paperwork was not complete and until then in the event of an emergency they could not administer EPI pen. Tracked down her Mom to sign a form which needed to be dropped off at the allergists office to be faxed ASAP to her school. Drove the youngest, in another torrential downpour, to ballet class. Left her, drove to allergists’ office, drove back to ballet and then joined another child and her Mom for lunch. (Still raining buckets) Took youngest home, asked housekeeper to put her down for her nap and returned books to library. Picked out books for all four children. 34 books, three library cards and four age levels and diverse types of books. Went back and sent house keeper home. (Blue sky and 150% humidity) Get text from oldest saying her bus hasn’t even left school yet and it was past the time I thought she’d be home. Greet one kid and help get her a snack. Wake up the youngest. Text says the eldest has just left school. I leave with two to pick up the last one at the bus stop. (Have I mentioned we have four kids in four different schools this year?) We wait and wait and wait for bus. Oldest kid texts that she is home and hungry. We wait some more. Get an email from school saying buses are running extremely late…self evident at this point. Finally 50, yes, five-oh, minutes later the bus pulls up and the last one is home.

Wednesday: Oldest two leave for school before I arrive. Pack a lunch and take one to her bus stop…where we wait for 20 minutes for the bus. Take the youngest to buy soccer shoes. Try to get ballet and jazz shoes but they don’t have her size. (Equally shocked at the size of her four-year old feet) Go to her preschool to meet her new teacher. We come home have lunch. I start laundry, order some clothes for kids online and unpack another suitcase. Put youngest down for nap. Other two come home, oldest kids bus only 20 minutes late. Go to bus stop for the last and it arrives…only 40 minutes late. Sigh heavily several times in a row. Get oldest off to soccer game. Take the other three out to dinner as I’m staying late so Mom can go to game while Dad has work dinner. Let three go out to play when we get home and finish unpacking suitcases. Wrangle three inside, forgo baths and put them to bed. Feed oldest when she gets home and remind her to take care of the neighbors cats, shower and get to bed. Talk her down when just at bed time she realizes she has lost her lanyard that has to be scanned for bus rides and lunch purchase. Make her set her alarm for earlier and say she can check more in the morning. head home when their Dad arrives home at 9:30.

Today: Leave early for work in case I have to drive the kid to school who is missing her lanyard. Arrive to find everyone trying to find lost lanyard. Decide it is a “hard-knock-life” and she’ll have to sweet talk her way on the bus and figure out how to get new lanyard. (Middle school means more responsibility…starting now!) Take one to the bus. On the way watch them raze a house two doors down. (Oh good, construction noise and dirt) Bus is only 10 minutes late this morning. Woo hoo. Take youngest to buy ballet and jazz shoes at a different store. Run a couple more errands and take her out to lunch. Bring her home put her down for her nap. Their Mom is home but had oral surgery this morning and is miserable. Go to school to pick up one who has soccer practice. Bring her and two soccer friends home, throw snack at them, enlist help of big sisters to get all of them in cleats and soccer shoes. Drive them out to practice…25 minutes each way. Drive out of my way to drop off player cards for oldest kid’s soccer team, for tournament starting tomorrow. Get back, kiss kids good-bye. Head home.

And so we’re off and running…crazed. There is good news and bad news. Good news: three-day weekend coming up!!! Cookie dough and a glass of milk still seems like a perfect dinner on nights like these. Bad news: Next week looks even busier…and it is only four days long. Next week we add basketball try-outs for one and soccer for the four-year-old.

Summer was a long, long time ago.