I’ve decided that some of the benefits of vacation can also be viewed as disadvantages. It doesn’t matter when you go to bed, because it doesn’t matter when you get up. What a life, huh? But when I lazy around in bed all too often my Dad is back down for his first nap, the coffee pot is empty and I feel a bit cheated.

There is nothing that HAS to be done on vacation so I somehow missed a date due on my credit card. Ouch. Nothing needs to be done but there are fourteen people to be fed…and fourteen people to clean up after at meal time and a ” treat” is gone in one sitting.


There are three of the most adorable children on this vacation…who are always looking for adventure, or an adult to fish with them, take a bike ride, go canoeing , swimming, or game playing. My usual vacation mode…or rather my preferred vacation mode is horizontal in the sun, reading a book.




And those three are the biggest advantage of this family vacation. Adorable!