Last night I was looking at the weather for today and it wasn’t looking very promising. In fact it was 100% chance of rain and 1-2 inches of rain. Wow! I saw napping, reading, games and more napping in my future. Funny, I forgot that small children don’t understand the notion of naps.

We hurried to the store and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch instead of dinner. They tasted just as good for lunch as they would have for dinner. Some of the crew started…and finished a puzzle. My nephew took folks on a ride to mystery island…for a price. The same nephew agreed to help me look for my iPad mini…for a price. Good thing he still works for quarters. The baby has made the rounds of laps, quick to smile, but today equally quick to cry and nurse.

Some napped. Some read. Some finally got out of their pj’s. The sun peaked out a few minutes and now it is back to rain. In spite of rain there has been laughter and sharing of memories.

And as we all know a bad day on vacation is still better than a good day at work! Do I hear an Amen to that?