Inside this cottage, this week, live my parents (in their 90’s), my oldest brother and his daughter, my next oldest brother and his wife, the youngest…me, my eldest niece, her husband, their eight-year-old, almost six-year-old and the newest member, the five month old. My middle niece, and our cousin.

In May when my Dad came home from rehab we dared not hope this vacation would happen but here we are. Not the whole family but a good number of us. Here to revel in simply being together.

Fishing, boating, swimming, reading, relaxing, eating around a table big enough to hold us all. The cottage is close enough to the water that my parents can sit out and enjoy watching the action on the lake.

We just spent the last day and a half at a family reunion of my Mom’s family at a camp not too far from the cottage. We visited with cousins from Nepal, Alaska, Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Michigan. It was wonderful but today we are all generally catching up on sleep and resting as the spirit moves.

These days have already been rich with laughter and memories. And there are days left to continue to soak up all this vacation offers us. I’m feeling pretty blessed.