I am back from Wisconsin…for two and a half days. When I return next week I’ll be home for about 24 hours before I head to Michigan. So my house tonight is filled with piles.

That pile is things I am taking back up to Wisconsin. The pile next to it is what I’ll need the next weekend for the Moxon family reunion. The bigger pile is for the week-long cottage vacation that follows the reunion. I will hardly have time for laundry in-between so my piles are precise and important.

One never knows what the weather will be; cold, rainy, hot and humid. So that sweatshirt goes in with a long sleeve shirt…better add a pair of long pants, capris, shorts and so on. In my spare time in Wisconsin I bet I could mend a few things so there is my sewing pile. Hummm…I might want to play music up in my bedroom (doesn’t matter that I never have before) I’ll throw in my iPod. My DVD player, a few ‘family friendly” movies…and I better fill up my Kindle.

My rule for every vacation and work trip to Wisconsin: NEVER RUN OUT OF BOOKS TO READ.

And because we’ll be cooking our own meals at the cottage I’d better throw in some spices, a tablecloth for the picnic table, and makings for some treats/desserts. I’ll need bedding, beach towels, pillows, my bag full of games for late night game playing. Oh dear I need games for the reunion and the cottage; remember to pack them where I can easily get to them.

It is Jack and Mia’s birthdays or at least we celebrate them at the cottage so I have presents to wrap. I have a few inflatable toys/lounges for the lake and that reminds me to throw in the air pump.

I wander around the house adding to piles, forgetting why I went to the basement, adding to the list. I think I’m certifiable to take so much stuff, but being prepared is my motto. Add card table to the list…the inflatable bed I’ll be sleeping in.

Shoes…gym shoes, sandals, water shoes, flip-flops. Oh, better go on Amazon and download that book. I wonder if I can find time to put pictures from my camera on my iPad. Take a hot-pot (make that two) for coffee at the cottage. Better add my beach chair because I plan to get a lot of use out of that. I wonder if I should throw in the kitchen sink? You never know…

In my defense I need to tell you I once went to Sweden for ten days with one carry-on suitcase and a small back pack. Those were the days!