My frequent “driver” miles for the next month go like this…Chicago to Michigan …Michigan to Wisconsin …Wisconsin to Chicago…Chicago to Wisconsin…Wisconsin to Chicago…Chicago to Michigan…Michigan to Chicago…Chicago to Wisconsin …Wisconsin to Chicago. At the end of those trips the kids will start school. Goodbye summer, hello Fall.

Each of these trips requires three and a half hors of driving, each way. They require packing, unpacking, laundry and more laundry. They mean cleaning the house for my cat sitter…and guilt for leaving Camden alone so much.

People wonder if “working” in Wisconsin feels like a vacation. It is hard to explain. It feels like vacation in that part of each day finds me sitting by the pool at the edge of a beautiful lake. But it means life guarding duties and the constant bickering of sisters so not exactly a vacation.

It feels like vacation in that my alarm is not set and my commute consists of walking downstairs in the morning. We eat on a big screened porch that looks out over the lake. But the meal prep is constant and requires motivation to have kids help with kitchen clean up.

I get to sleep in my own king size bed in my own guest room with a private bath and a semi private deck. I go to sleep in absolute quiet stillness. But my cat is missing from my bed and even though it is comfortable it is not my space in my cozy room.

So it is both lovely and well, work. I’m trying to savor this change of scenery with my work and at the same time count the days until I’m home for an extended amount of time.

And here’s to summer while it lasts. Enjoy because the days are fleeting.