It is summer. Without a doubt. Which is good, because the calendar also says it is July 7th. How did it get to be July already?

From the I know it is summer because files:

I can’t get to bed at night. The sun, setting behind the trees, bids me come and sit on my deck. I sit and yes, the planes fly overhead but the fireflies come out and the clouds make amazing patterns on the blue sky. I think back to winter. I wish to bottle this for the next winter. It is past the time I need to go to bed, to be able to deal with small children the next day. But this, this quiet moment at dusk feeds the soul. It is perhaps as necessary as a good nights sleep.

The kids are all home. The noise level is something. One is over-tired from their weekend and whines her way through the day until, mercifully, I can bed her down for a nap. Another is over-tired and just itching for a fight, with me or anyone else in close proximity. Another is over-tired and crying. She never cries. I listen, offer suggestions, and remain grateful that I am no longer eleven or any age after that until I hit 24. Thanks goodness one is over-tired, but just happy to be home on a summer schedule. She plays happily with sisters or herself.

The neighborhood swarms the house. It is too hot to play outside. Now there is a comment you thought they’d never make back in February. I negotiate friends playing inside in return for no Wii or other electronics. I consider it a good deal. (Kind of)

My swim bag remains packed in my trunk. Ready for each and every day (not many so far) that the youngest and I can go play on the beach/lake while the big sisters go to camp at the same place. She plays in the sand, I practice deep breathing.

The hum of my window air conditioners makes me miss some middle of the night thunderstorms. I regret that. I like a good thunderstorm. But the humidity has been brutal so I compromise…comfort over cozy night storms.

The plants require every day watering, even with all the rain we’ve had. Every summer I scale back, knowing my schedule and energy level make it difficult to take care of one more living thing. Stil, even the four I have still seem like too much most nights.

I had sweet cherries and cheddar cheese for dinner. And a big cold glass of lemonade out on the deck. I can’t remember when I last turned on my oven at my house. (Window airconditioners and ovens do not mix well.)

Sometimes I remember to update my blog, just so people know I am enjoying this sum, sum, summertime!