Where to begin? After spending much of the last two months in and out of the hospital, he is now in rehab. The therapists say he is doing better than expected, faster than expected. We’ll take that. His resilience is amazing.

This has been a long haul. Three hospitalizations, five days, ten days and ten days. He was told, in so many words, to give up, but he has not. He has been angry, discouraged and hopeful…sometimes in the same day. He has fought to be viewed as himself, not the number of his age.

And now he is working hard in rehab. He is his biggest critic, feeling like things are not moving fast enough but, he’s walking to meals, climbing stairs and getting dressed by himself.

My oldest brother was in town last week for five days. My parents were so happy to see him. He got “certified” so he could take my Dad and Mom out on drives. He took my Mom to see my Dad every day. He was company for my Mom and helped around the house. It was all good.

Yesterday my niece arrived back in GR and both my parents got the pleasure of seeing their great grandchildren and holding the baby. I saw a picture of my Dad surrounded by the kids. They all wore big smiles.

Next weekend there is a wedding reception for my nephew and his new Brazilian wife. I’m going home for a long weekend and all plans are that we’ll spring my Dad from rehab so he can attend too.

We’re looking forward. Planning beyond the day in front of us. It feels good. It feels new and a bit scary. We are grateful for every day with my parents; for their fortitude and for their love.

Go Dad, go. We’re applauding every step of the way!