I’m back in Wisconsin…the start of the summer season has begun. I came up for an extra long, long-weekend with the two youngest kids. The rest will follow in the next few days.

We arrived. The kids changed into bathing suits as I unpacked the car. Then I changed into my suit to the never ending little voices asking “aren’t you ready yet?” I dragged one super comfty lounge chair out of the garage and positioned it ‘just so’ to get the optimal angle of the sun. Then I opened the pool cover, gave the kids permission to swim and then settled in to bake out the last of winter. Ahhh…

They swam. I just sat and took long, deep breaths. The sound of happy children, the sound of one lone boat on the lake, the waves rushing into shore and the singing of wind chimes swaying in the wind. It.felt.so.good!

But I had forgotten how long the evenings are up here. How the sun reflects off the water as it sets, making it a long slow slip into the dusk, which seems to last for hours. As I was putting tired children to bed I came out into the loft and this…this was the view.


And to think, I get to do it all again tomorrow ! Lucky me.