The well has been pretty dry for a while.  Every so often I think about posting but feel like I have nothing to say…or what I have to say still feels to tender to say.  So I haven’t.  This weekend I decided I would just do it.  Start somewhere whether it is interesting, dull, boring, funny OR none of the above.

It has been an exceptionally L.O.N.G. winter.  I have been fighting depression.  Unrelenting cold.  Snow that never melted and just kept coming.  No mid-winter thaw. Shoveling and more shoveling.  Wearing my full length down coat for months.  If I had known, I would have planned a mid-winter break to a warmer place.  I would have paid any amount for just a bit of a break.  To sit, soaking up the sun and sweat a bit.  That might be a necessity next winter.

Even yesterday I saw a few snowflakes.  They were tiny.  They didn’t amount to anything.  But still I view them as a personal affront.  I try to remember that the days are longer.  I note that the snow piles in my backyard are completely gone.  I see a few tiny buds on the lilac bushes at work.  But it is hard to get very excited when we still have wind chills in the low 20’s.  I look ahead to the 10 forecast and groan when I see not one day about 48.  Seriously, I am so over this winter.

I turned on WGN news last night and caught the weather.  It said we might hit 70′ on Thursday!!!  Today was sunny from the moment I woke up until the time the sun set.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the same and near 58′.  We’ll get another big rain storm on Monday.  Not snowstorm.  Rainstorm.  That ditty keeps running through my head, “April showers bring May flowers.”

My fingers and toes are crossed that we might actually have broken out of the winter to end all winters.  70′?  Bring it on!  (Please)