The bright spot in the winter was the arrival of my new great-nephew.




You’ll notice, if you look close at my sideways picture he is wearing a shirt that claims “I dig Auntie”.  Any guesses who picked that out for him?  (I had to do it!)  As I was sitting holding him one day, my niece’s cat decided we looked pretty cozy and jumped up to make himself part of the coziness.  (I am in heaven in that picture!)

This perfect little baby went a couple of weeks nameless, or rather having too many names, until his parents settled on Rhys Linden.  Until then he worked with Sir Sleeps A Lot.  Funny story.  I was home and holding Rhys.  It became obvious he needed a diaper change.  His brother Jack looked and me and said, “if you’re holding him, you have to change him.”  Which I did.  But it has been a few years since I’ve wrangled a diaper on anything so small so it wasn’t a quick change.  When I was done Jack leaned in with a grin and said, “I could have done it faster.”  And he could have and has done it faster.  Busted by a seven-year-old.

The capacity of the heart to expand and love even more is never more apparent than when there is a new baby in the family.

Welcome Rhys.  We’ve been waiting for you and we love you very, very much.