Just about the time my family left after Christmas things started breaking.  Here is a list:  my back room UVerse TV, my washing machine, the cat’s water fountain, the light at the bottom of the basement stairs and I’m sure there is more I haven’t discovered yet.  Of course they break.  Right after the last “handy-man” has left for Michigan.  No point in breaking when I could get some repair work or at least advice from them.  No, that would be too easy.  But I am woman, hear me roar.

When I got back from St. Maarten I disassembled the cat’s fountain, cleaned it piece by piece.  I am proud to say I healed it!

On Thursday I called UVerse support.  I talked to Prashant Amula.  He/she talked me through many steps only to decide my receiver was broken.  They would mail me another.  Just plug all the new cords into the new receiver box and I would be up and running.  Prashant wished me to know how sorry UVerse was for any inconvenience or frustration but thanked me for my business.  Okay, there was a lot more than that because I was on the phone with he/she for 70 minutes.  Today I got the receiver and did as my old friend Prashant had directed.  To no avail.  Still the same “digital chanel strength is low” message.  So I again fiddled around until I found how to get a live person for a support chat.  This time I had the pleasure of chatting with Waseem.  People, you can’t make this stuff up.  Waseem begged my patience while he discovered my problem.  (I have many problems but I don’t think he could discover half of them.)  After much trying this and that he was forced to admit failure and schedule a repairman to come tomorrow.  So I continue to wait on this problem.  (It is obvious to me that outsourcing is alive and well in the UVerse world).

My washing machine was delivered as promised.  It was efficiently hooked up and hasn’t stopped running since.  I keep whispering sweet nothings to the dryer, which was actually the machine I was most worried about, in hopes it will keep blowing hot air on my newly washed clothes.  It is a thing of beauty, this washing machine.  I have just finished washing the last of St. Maarten sand out of my vacation clothes.  Better yet I am only two loads of sheets away from having all the laundry from Christmas done.

The light at the bottom of the steps is a florescent one and I can’t even figure out how to get it out let alone how to get a new one.  But I have other lights.  I can live with this problem.

My Christmas tree is still up.  I had hoped to take down the decorations today but that didn’t happen.  I was too busy doing laundry.  Which has kind of changed my life.  The piles are off the dinning room table.  Clean laundry is put away.  I finally got bills paid.  And I sat and watched the snow fall softly outside my window.  I had/made the time to just sit and watch.

I also baked a cake.  You see today, in Brazil, my nephew Dan married Ari.  I could not be there but I can have a piece of cake in their honor.  All in all not a bad way to end the day.