You’ll remember I mentioned my washing machine broke.  Right in the middle of loads of post-Christmas company it gave up the good fight.  I bought it way back when I lived in my apartment.  By my count, it must be thirty years old.  I more than got my money out of it.  In fact I bought it with four other people who lived in my building so we all got our money out of that machine.  It had been showing its age.  A musty smell had invaded its drum.  It had about three cycles, four water/rinse temps and two speeds.  I kind of wanted a new washer but when would I ever have extra money I was dying to spend on a washing machine of all things?  (That leads to being excited about pots and pans.  Not happening!)

And then it broke.  I had fourteen people bedded down over Christmas.  I thought I was so smart I took extra sheets to work (where over-flow was sleeping) so I wouldn’t have to burden the house keeper or stay up there and do laundry.  So in my basement, waiting, I have at least four beds of laundry.  I have towels and rugs.  I have all the wonderful, sandy, clothes I wore in St. Maarten.  I have loads in my future.

For me when things get out-of-control, I kind of give up.  My house looks like it.  My niece worked so hard getting things put back in order before we left on vacation and now it hardly shows.  Now, in less that 36 hours, my new washer will be delivered.

I anticipate that its arrival will solve ALL my problems.  My house will mysteriously clean itself.  My Christmas decorations will march downstairs and jump into the correct storage boxes.  The dishwasher will unload itself.  My loads of laundry will quickly be clean (dry and folded too, please).

You think I’m expecting too much?  Hey, this machine is HE!  (High efficiency)  That has to get me something doesn’t it?  It has numerous cycles, spins, water temps.  It makes my old one look like an antique.  I find myself thinking about a new washing machine with…excitement.

I’ll check back in at the end of the weekend with an update but I’m expecting big things.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.