I have been cleaning, organizing, cleaning, tossing, arranging and cleaning.  It isn’t that I love cleaning.  No, no, NO.  It is that I dislike cleaning so much I put it off until even I can’t stand it.  You wouldn’t necessarily know about the dirt, dust and cobwebs if you came into my house.  At least not if you left your white gloves at home.  But I know.

Still there must have been something that spurred me to action right?  Well, nothing like company to get ones rear in gear.  If all goes according to plan (and I use the word, plan, loosely,)  we will have Christmas in Chicago this year.  The holidays and the return of cold weather are not easy for my 90+ year-old parents.  My Dad has made hospital visits around this time for several years running.  But things are status quo so we will hope for the best.

Note to my parents: (but you all can read it too)  I don’t want you to worry or sweat it if something doesn’t feel right or one of you is sick.  We’ll move the whole party to Grand Rapids without a backward glance.  You see it is a win-win for me.  Either I get to have you all down here for Christmas or I get a really clean house.  I’ve needed a clean house so again, it is a win-win for this girl!

But back to the cleaning, organizing and stuff.  I get a little obsessed.  Who cares if the curtains I haven’t clean in, umm, a really long time, get clean.  Is anyone taking note on the expiration dates of things in my pantry.  (Shame on you, if you are) Windows washed?  They’ll just get dirty in the next rain.  But all of a sudden it seems vital to get those curtains washed, pantry cleaned, closets organized.  Motivation is a wonderful thing.

In the middle of yesterday’s frenzy, I cleaned my cat’s litter pan.  Throughtly.  I soaked it in my laundry tub, which necessitated removing the washer hose from the laundry tub.  You see where I’m going with this don’t you.  Yep, I went and did a load of laundry, with the hose still out of the laundry tub.  That meant I came downstairs to a full wash and rinse cycle all over my basement floor.  I’ve had floods in my basement before but they have never come by my own hand.  So in the middle of what I wanted to do, I had to drag out my little wet vac and suck up all the water (from two rooms) and haul it to the laundry tubs or downstairs toilet.  Right, I had time for such foolishness, NOT!

I have half finished projects all over my house.  But hey, my curtains are clean.  Least you think I am peaking too early, and I do worry about that, next week I’ll be gone for several days.  Thanksgiving and all that.  By the way, Thanksgiving is late this year so when I return I have three weeks, EXACTALY, until twelve adults and two children, a dog and my cat, call my house their own.  Over-flow sleeping will happen at my employers house because, fortunately, they’ll be out-of-town.

I have to go.  There is a freezer that needs defrosting in my immediate future.

And Mom and Dad, I meant what I said.  Win-win for me.