When the first sighting of the tiniest snowflake is seen, I pull out the Christmas music! Be it October or November all I need is one minuscule snowflake. I really love Christmas and all the trappings. I have an extensive collection of Christmas music. I look for new CD’s very year to add to the collection.

I draw the line at “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer and I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”, but all the rest makes me smile. From instrumental to country to Bing Crosby, they all invoke warm memories for me.

I wait for the magic day when 93.9FM starts playing Christmas music 24/7. Grandma get runs over too often on that radio station but still, they play enough of the “good stuff” to make listening worthwhile for me.

Some people are horrified about how early in the season I start listening,  but a single month isn’t long enough to listen to all my favorites. So in my house all I need is a glimpse of snow.

This morning I got up in the wee, dark, cold of a very early morning. My employer is out of town but this is the sign up morning at Valley Lo for all the holiday activities. The Santa brunch, the candlelight dinner and the caroling for families all sell out quickly. I offered to come and get her name on the sign up list and wait to get them signed up. My alarm went off at 5am and when I arrived here at 6:10, there were already 10 names on the list. I found a chair in a quiet corner with a view out towards the little lake. I watched the sky begin to lighten. The sun finally started its slow creep up over the horizon. The dusky, purple clouds made a stunning contrast.

Me, I’m actually pretty happy. You see they’ve been playing Christmas music over the PA all morning. My favorites have helped the time pass and new ones have made me go query the person in charge about what I was hearing. Now the sun blazes across the sky in full force.

Oh, I’m not promising I won’t nap this afternoon but this hasn’t been a bad way to start the day. Fa la la la la and deck the halls!!!!!