Grumpy, out-of-sorts, tired, discouraged, feeling blah, depressed and did I mention grumpy? What is worse is that I’m not really sure what is behind all of those less than happy feelings. I haven’t been sleeping well so I am sure being tired plays a big part. But really, it has been a wonderful Fall weather wise. I should be enjoying all these beautiful warm Fall days. Instead I just feel dull.

I feel like my life is both stuck and out of my control. Really anytime your work revolves around four children, your life, or at least ten hours a day of it, IS out of your control. It has been a particularly busy time with lots of kid activities, two birthdays and angst over Halloween costumes. So when I get home I am spent.

It gets dark so early in the evenings too. We haven’t even hit the time change yet but by the time I arrive home from work the sun is setting. Call me crazy, but when it is dark outside, it feels like time to go to bed. Then I glance and see it is only 7:30 pm. Now that’s depressing.

My house is out of control. Every weekend I try to get it picked up and maybe even semi-clean and then day by day the mess comes back as if there are “mess fairy’s” working double time while I’m at work. There are too many projects that need to be done. Having my back fence rebuilt, replacing gutter guards, cleaning out or replacing the dryer pipe, to mention only a few. Don’t even get me started on how the whole house needs painting…and has since I moved in too many years ago. I need to figure out how to get my lawn back to looking decent…and it all just seems overwhelming.

The lawmakers in Washington are making me crazy and every other post on FB expresses a counter point to the one before and everyone is sure THEY are right. I feel like it is an election year…when I wondered if I should get off FB so I would still like my friends after the election. We are all so stuck in our positions, so sure that our view is right that we can’t even talk to each other. I count myself in here too. ( even though my side is right…;)….). It is depressing I tell you. I don’t want to watch the news or read the paper. I’d say, wake me when it is over but that assumes I could actually sleep a whole night through. Yep, I’m back to that!

I’m not sure how to turn this around. I’m considering going to Whole Foods to get some of their ridiculously expensive tart cherry juice especially formulated to help improve the quality of your sleep. I tried it once before. It may have helped. It would have helped more if I didn’t have to cut the taste of the stuff with Sprite…which probably has caffeine in it!

Or chocolate, lots of chocolate, would help. Especially the kind that doesn’t add on pounds as soon as you look at it. I think that is my best option…chocolate.

Because chocolate solves everything.