The paper said yesterday that the approval rating for the US Congress is at an all time low, 10%.  My question is who are the 10% that think they are doing an adequate job?

I am discouraged, disillusioned and just plain mad.

Here at work is the conversation I have with the three-year-old…

“Time for your nap.”

“No, I don’t want to take a nap.”

” I understand that but the rule is, three-year-olds take naps.”  (And she does, for 2 hours usually)

“I don’t like that rule.”

Does this sound like anyone else you know?  See any similarities to our elected  officials?

The Affordable Healthcare Act is the law of the land.  I think everyone, Democrats and Republican’s, would agree it is not a perfect law.  But it is a start.  Let it go already!!  The doom and gloom and scare tactics make me crazy.  Some of the same people spewing these predictions are the same ones that predicated the end of the world should Barack Obama be elected.  That hasn’t happened either.  The world has kept on spinning.

Here is what I know.  I have paid over $8,000 a year for health care for the past many years.  It is for a policy with a fairly high deductible.  Once between jobs I paid through the nose for COBRA and when I got new health insurance I still had to wait 24 months for my insurance to cover a pre-existing condition.  Let me tell you, it is rare to get to be 50+ and not have a pre-existing condition.  So I then paid through the nose to cover the medications I needed for pre-existing conditions…while still paying my insurance premiums.  Using several of the online charts that are going around I stand to save between $2,000-3,000 a year.  That is huge for this single-income household (me).

Now it is possible that this law will send us all to hell in a hand basket.  If it does I will be the first, well maybe the second, to admit my foolishness in believing this might actually make our country a better place.  And if our elected officials want to play fair and tweak parts of this law, then please go ahead.  Offer alternatives and work to change the existing law.  But lets see how it goes.  Let’s not risk our fragile economic growth by shutting down the government.

One other thought.  Maybe there is something I am missing.  It is quite possible, maybe even likely.  But to my friends and family who are Christians and are up in arms about this I ask…how does this new law not help us live out the mandate that the Lord gave us when he talked about caring for “the least of these” and caring for the widows and orphans?