Earlier this summer my niece, told me they are expecting around the end of February. The announcement has been made on FB so I can finally share these pictures.

My niece and her family came to visit a few weeks ago. The kids immediately go get the toys out of the basement. After they left to go downtown I found my couch arranged like this…


I guess they thought I’d sit on the floor! They spent a long time playing in my basement. After they left I found this…


And this baby put to sleep in my childhood baby doll crib.


But the one that really made me smile was this one …


In the infant seat I took from work ( because, glory be, they are done with babies) was my doll. Carefully tucked underneath the winter Berber blanket that attaches to the seat. Oh yes, I think they are ready for a new sibling.

It’s going to be fun to watch this because I think they are at great ages to really enjoy this.

And speaking of names, Jack has offered up Janice as his suggestion. Love that kid. I’m working on a financial reward for such a great idea!!!!