May 9 this year I turned 62 years old.  There was yet another “breaking news” cycle out of Washington and I forgot to post what new things I think I’ve discovered.  So late but still relevant, I hope.

-Our political positions are so strong we can no longer have any kind of discourse.  Sad. And really, we are so partisan, no ones ideas are going to change.  That does noted well for the future of politics or of the country.

-The constant drip,drip,drip of unbelievable news out of Washington exhausts me and not only because some nights it is actually hard to sleep.

-I don’t believe CNN, “the failing New York Times, Washington Post are “fake news”.  I believe in a free press and any notion to lock up reporters or call them the enemy of the Unites States is a threat to our democracy.

-I believe Christ calls us to care for “the least of these,  the widows and orphans.”  If this is no longer true, when did that mandate change.

-Having to put my 20-year-old cat to sleep, and cuddling him while he died, may have been the hardest and most grown up thing I’ve done in years.

-After four months I was so lonely I couldn’t stand it.  I got a rescue kitten and started a new happy chapter.

-I’d forgotten how kittenish, kittens are.  They require more active time than old cats.

-When you wake up to loud splashing from your bathroom, move quickly.  The wet thing you fish out of the toilet, now owes you his life, again.

-Cats use up some of their nine lives very quickly.

-When being a nanny for 13 years for the same four girls, you think life will get easier when they are all in school and you’re not fighting to get anyone to nap.  It does not get easier.  In fact, in many ways, it gets harder.

-The drama of four girls, two of whom are teenagers, is exhausting.

-Getting older means more aches and pains. Both of my brothers were diagnosed with spinal stenosis with in three weeks.  Apparently it can be hereditary.

-It frustrates me no end when they tell you to change your password every three months.  Are you kidding me?  I’m lucky I can remember my phone number and address, let alone new passwords every three months.

-I got interrupted with a case of vertigo/flu.  I have learned it is scary to be very, very sick when you live alone.

-When I walk into work and the seven year-old say, “hey, Isabelle (the 12-year-old) is taller than you”, I feel myself shrinking.

-When you get a new car, you promise yourself the inside will stay pristine because…new car, you know.  That last about 2 weeks and then, although you clean it out more often, you do let it get dirty.

-I appreciate all the beauty Michigan has to offer, the older I get.  Out of the city, the stars shine brighter and the breezes blow cooler.  I’m hoping for a glimpse of the northern lights this summer.  See you soon Sleeping Bear Dunes!

-I am grateful for memories of family that pop up on my Facebook feed every day.  Each one is a heart melting moment in time.

-And finally, getting older still beats the alternative.


Thanks for reading.  I’ll try to be more diligent about posting.




I am not good at this.  It seems the news (the real news, not the fake news) happens so fast and changes from hour to hour.  I tend to want to stay glued to CNN or PBS.  But that is soul sapping these days.  The feelings of being powerless and frustrated and angry are real.  I make daily phone calls to Washington.  I sign petitions.  I haven’t yet gone to a march but boy did I want to last Sunday, when O’Hare was the site of peaceful protests against the travel ban.

There are moments when I see some brightness.  This has stripped away our apathy and people have found their voices.  But the disfunction and dismantling of our way of life is disheartening and scary.

I can’t hide and pretend it isn’t happening.  That might be easier but that solves nothing.

But in the midst of all this, it rapidly becomes too much.  So I need to be diligent with self care.  There are times, or even days, when I need to turn off the news.  Where I need to walk in the forest preserve.  When I need to play music or lose myself in a good book.

Then when my soul is soothed I can rejoin.  I can listen and encourage and plan.  When I can read the news and educated myself.  When I can act out of the certainty that if we don’t act, we will awake in a country we no longer recognize.


History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people. Martin Luther King, Jr.







Life is Good

"It's ironic that we

forget so often how

wonderful life really is...

C'mon, let's be honest.

We have an embarrassment

of riches. Life is good."

-Anne Quindlen

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