(Not another post on moving! When will it end?). This is the material life has given me so be nice, dear readers.

Everyone should move at least every ten years. The problem is I’m five years beyond that. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is next to impossible to get rid of things unless you move.

Life goes on and who would willingly choose to spend time sort, tossing and donating unless you are forced to do so. I have routinely gotten rid of things but I’ve avoided the black holes that everyone has in their house. You know what I mean. Be it basement, attic or garage, it is where you stash the stuff you might want someday. It is where you store the things you use once a year, or once every five.

I spent yesterday, surprise, unpacking some more. It is hard work. It involves more boxes for Goodwill. Every time I think I’m getting somewhere, I unpack another box. Instant chaos. I arrange and then rearrange closets and cupboards. I wonder what possessed me to buy “that”! Back when I bought some of these things I loved to entertain. In the past years I’ve worked long hours and the desire to entertain has diminished. Now, with eliminating my commute, I hope to have more time to have a life.

And then I come across beautiful Swedish glass. I bought it on a memorable trip to Sweden which included two days in the glass region. I loved it all and had a credit card to assist me in bringing home so much, too much, Swedish crystal. So that trips me up.

Or I come across handmade gifts from nieces…gifts from my Mom, things from my childhood and yes, there is still more in Grand Rapids to come.

I wonder about people without a sentimental bone in their body. I wish I was like them…somedays.

But then I sit for a moment and look at how this place is shaping up and I feel good and accomplished.

Those boxes in the garage? I wonder what would happen if I just dropped them off at Goodwill. Without looking.

Yeah, probably not.

I am a work in progress…or at least my move is.

I still have “stuff” in two places…but not as much.

I now/still own two places…nerve wracking on the best of days.

The cat seems to have settled in…just before we pack up and go to Michigan for Thanksgiving.

Someday my new kitchen will be a lovely place to bake…and someday I will discover which box holds the flour and sugar necessary for any good baking.

I often think it would be easier to go out and buy (fill in the blank) rather that search the boxes for it.

The post office sent my ‘change of address’ notification to my new address…but my mail is being forwarded to my new neighbor across the street.  Sweet.

My new neighbor across the street brought me my mail and a bottle of wine…I don’t drink but it was nice of him/them.  It will be nicer when they don’t have to deliver my forwarded mail every day…in the snow and cold.

Moving, in theory, should be an opportunity to sort and downsize…unless you move comes up in six weeks and then you just box it all and hope for some time to sort on the other end.

It is good to move to a place where the nearest Goodwill drop off center in a few blocks away.

Moving is exhausting.

Moving is disorienting.

Moving is the pits when you lived in your former home for 15 years.

And now for the upside:  this morning with a windchill of -1 I got in my car, in my attached garage and drove 5 min. to work.  Yes, f.i.v.e. minutes to work.  Tonight with the windchill down to -8 I drove home (traffic was bad, it took 8 minutes) and drove into my attached garage and walked into my house.  When all my things are arranged, just so, this will be home and my commute to work will continue to be very, very short.

Can I have an “amen” to that?

Life is Good

"It's ironic that we

forget so often how

wonderful life really is...

C'mon, let's be honest.

We have an embarrassment

of riches. Life is good."

-Anne Quindlen

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